Serving Vancouver Island Since 2009

About Us

About Us

Bee Canadian is a small family business focused on providing gardeners and fruit growers with native pollinators.

Like you, we care about our environment, helping Vancouver Islanders produce more local food, through good pollination, is our focus. We do this by providing our rental bee kits to local residents who want an alternative to buying, cleaning and storing bees each season.

We do the work for you.

Our staff is 1 husband , 1 wife, 2 kids,1 cat and a group of volunteers. We have been raising Mason bees for about 20 years; it has been a huge learning process.

For the first several years we enjoyed successes and suffered through failures, learning from both. We started supplying friends, family and neighbors and the growing interest in Mason bees inspired the creation of a website. We have been selling Mason bees and Mason bee homes online since 2007, currently available at

In 2019 our rental program filled the pollination needs of over 600 homeowners and 3 commercial orchards in the Campbell River, Courtney area and produced 180,000 Mason bees. Our ever-increasing amount of Mason bees allows us to expand our service to the South Island.

Our rental program now services Vancouver Islanders from Campbell River to Victoria.

In 2015 we won NEDC’s “Best Environmental and Sustainable Business of the Year Awardand in 2018 Honorable Mention in NAPPC “Pollinator Advocate Award Canada” category. 

We have been featured in several national and local magazines.