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Leafcutter Bees

Leafcutter Bees

Perfect for squash, melons, cucumbers, beans, sunflowers, strawberries, and virtually all summer-blooming flowers.

Leafcutter bees can double or triple your fruit and vegetable yield!

The leafcutter bee is a cavity-nesting solitary bee.

It was originally introduced from Europe, like the honey bee, to pollinate alfalfa fields and is now naturalized. They do not have a stinger and like the mason bee are a gentle generalist bee that will visit the majority of types of flowers including your flowering vegetable garden. Their flying months are mainly July and August when the temperatures are higher.

Backyard gardeners and farmers can easily raise leafcutter bees to grow more food while improving their crop’s bee diversity.

Leafcutter bees are smaller than mason bees and prefer 6mm size nesting holes, they tend to ignore larger, 8mm, nesting holes meant for mason bees.

Leafcutter bees use small pieces of non-fibrous leaves like rose, lilac, buckweed and hosta to seal their nesting holes and protect her developing young. Currently we do not rent Leafcutter bees however as interest increases and our business grows we will add them to our rental program. You may buy them at our other website